Take A Stand Men

     Here we go. This is my first blog ever. I don't know if a hundred people will read this or just one (me). Nonetheless I want to use this blog to write about subjects that I wouldn't normally preach on. At CCT we teach the Word, and the Word only. We believe that the Word is the Power of God to change lives. This blog on the other hand, will be much more personal and give you blog readers a way to find out who the guy is behind the pulpit and what I feel strongly about. The other nice thing about a blog is that I can cut right to the heart of the matter. No need to waste time or space in introductions.

     Since 9/11 I feel like our nation has been hit with one colossal crisis after another. We've suffered from terrorism, record oil prices, corporate greed, massive layoffs, a collapsing economy, crushing national debt, a devastated housing market, swine flu, droughts, hurricanes, a state government (California) billions of dollars in debt, a rise in super aggressive liberal activism, and a church that looks increasingly like the world according to every statistical analysis. And to put a little frosting on it all, Adm. Mike Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, just recently voiced his support for homosexuals serving openly in the armed services.

     I was a Marine Corps officer for 9 years. Can I really picture two men in dress blues holding each other close and kissing on the dance floor at the Marine Corps Ball? No! But apparently Mike Mullen can. How did we get here? How did this happen? Sometimes I feel like Charlton Heston in "Planet of the Apes" as he's being caged and harassed by a gorilla with a fire hose. He shouts out in bewildering anguish "It's a mad house, it's a madhouse!"

     The world's gone mad. No need to fret my Calvinist friends. I am not wavering; I know that God is sovereign and seated on the throne. But here's my point. I believe that at the heart of every crisis this nation has suffered recently, is the patent lack of real leadership. This nation, but especially the church, has failed to exercise clear, concise, and biblical leadership. I know it's easy to throw cheap shots from a computer key board, but can we really deny that godly men have been conspicuously quiet at the downward spiral of our culture?

     Christian men - get a chest, as C.S. Lewis said. Take a stand. Let's stand for righteousness. Yes we'll take a few hits from the enemy to be sure. And no we don't have to be perfect to make our stand as the world would try and have us believe. But it's time for Christian men to take the helm of leadership and to speak out for what God's word says. I'm tired of pastors concerning themselves with building mega-churches and not mega-Christians. We have to be willing to shine God's Word into a world of darkness. I have found that the last thing my white-educated-male-professional-Christian contemporaries want is controversy. Ironically, we've all become Rodney King - "Can't we all just get along?"

     Jesus paid the price with His body, broken for you and me. We can certainly make a stand for Him. We need leaders, Christian leaders who will look past the comfort and convenience of the status quo, and will make a stand for the righteousness of Jesus Christ in a world that hell bent on rebellion. More on leadership next week.