Onward Christian Soldiers

     In case you missed it during the exuberance of Christmas parties and New Year’s celebrations, congress formally repealed the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” (DADT) policy instigated in the 90s by President Clinton. The compromise-law allowed homosexuals to serve quietly and discreetly in the U.S. Armed Services without fear of reprisal or punishment, as long as they did not make their homosexuality known. It was a crafty political solution that appeased the homosexual community which heavily supported Mr. Clinton’s candidacy and expected an advance of their agenda upon his victory. But it also appeased conservatives and the military as it more or less maintained a perceived status quo.

     Recently, by the instigation and request of Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Mike Mullen, a lame duck congress moved perniciously in December to overturn DADT before Republicans took control of the house in January. Both the Secretary of Defense and the Chairman Joint Chiefs assured governing authorities and house members that a reversal of policy was the right thing to do, even a moral imperative. Adm. Mike Mullen on more than one occasion said publicly that the current regulations forced people to lie about their true identity, and that DADT unfairly discriminated against gays and lesbians who were currently serving honorably in our military.

     In accordance with congress’ historic vote, the Pentagon is now moving rapidly to fully incorporate homosexuals at every level of service in our armed forces. Homosexuals will now be allowed to proclaim their sexuality publicly, even display it publicly (when not in uniform), without any fear of reprisals. Indeed Mike Mullen will ensure that their sexual expressions are embraced and even celebrated by the Department of Defense. In short order, men will be dancing cheek-to-cheek with other men at the Marine Corps ball, and after a long cruise sailors will descend the gang plank and run into the embracing arms of their homosexual lovers. Homosexual women who unashamedly admit to being aroused by another woman’s body, will be sleeping and showering with straight women, often younger and more junior in rank.

     As Christians we know how absurd and detrimental an official endorsement of all of this unnatural sexual expression really is. Homosexuality is a conscious act, it is a sin, and it is a perversion of the human mind and body. It is every bit as intentional as adultery. And once this sin is fully normalized by our nation and culture, the fallout will be enormous, as we’ve already begun to see. My heart breaks for all of our young service members who will undoubtedly experience homosexual intimidation, harassment, and even rape. But this is what our country now demands, an unbridled orgy of sexual expression in the name of civil rights, even within the hallowed halls of our military services.

     Alright, so homosexuals can now drive a tank without fear of professional discrimination, what’s the big deal? It may not be preferable, but how does the gay soldier affect the body of Christ?

     The United States Armed Services were the final barrier to acquiring full access and broad acceptance by homosexuals, and the activists knew it. They had already won Hollywood and every other form of American entertainment, most fortune 500 companies were fully on board, and other government entities were sympathetic as well. But the US military was the final rung on the ladder of institutional acceptance.

     As long as the military prohibited homosexuals from serving openly, other organizations could plausibly form similar policies to DADT and find support in the Pentagon’s example. But now that the US military has opened its ranks, there is no longer a precedence or an active model to allow further sexuality-based discrimination. The homosexual community realized that the conservative-minded and tradition-bound military was the final obstacle in its quest for unrestricted license. What company or even family-owned business could realistically consider discriminating against homosexuals now? With the military’s long awaited if not reluctant embrace, homosexual activists can now scan the horizon and highlight the few holdout entities that dare resist them.

     There is one remaining institution that actively practices discrimination based solely on sexual practice: the church. Bible teaching churches all over this nation readily admit that they will not hire or place into service an active homosexual. They cannot be hired on staff, as help in the office, or teach Sunday School. Their continued immoral lifestyle disqualifies them Biblically from a place of employment or even a place of involvement. Most churches would certainly welcome them into the sanctuary to hear the Gospel of Christ, but there can be no perception of endorsement, and therefore, no genuine participation.

     And if there is one thing that the homosexual community craves most, it is unyielding endorsement. As the Apostle Paul tells us in Romans, this particular sin is a sin against nature, and the unconsoled conscience bears witness to that fact everyday. So in a frenzied effort to drown out the throbbing pangs of personal conviction which results from a lifestyle never intended for the human body, they seek to remove all formal detractors while they lobby furiously for enforced acceptance. But the church stands conspicuously in the way.

     With the military now fully on board with homosexual integration, the church will logically become the next target. In the proceeding years, Christians will see public skirmishes between the liberal left and the body of Christ erupt in lawsuits and courtroom drama. In a decade, it will escalate into war, as the homosexuals and their allies use civil-rights laws to either shut down conservative churches or so fiercely penalize them that they become an anonymous byline in contemporary culture.

     The days of comfortable, pew-sitting Christianity are over. Jesus said “If the world hates you, you know that it hated Me before it hated you” (John 15:18). We are here; we have arrived; we are in the last days. It’s time to get serious Christian. Paul didn’t compare us to soldiers merely to employ a rhetorical device. We are in the fight of our lives, as Christian battalions march to the cadence of our King. Congress, constitutions, and consensus have no bearing on our ranks or our mission. We are righteous by the blood of the lamb and we fight for truth. And this one is shaping up to be quite a fight.