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Patterns Of Evidence Movie

In lieu of our normal bible study we will have a Church Movie Night with a viewing of “Patterns Of Evidence: Exodus”. If you haven’t had a chance to attend now is a neat time to start. This documentary investigating the historical evidence for the children of Israel’s presence in and exodus from Egypt is great for kids too!

You can view the trailer for this movie here to get a sneak peek!

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Guest Speaker: Charlie Campbell, Always Be Ready Apologetics Ministry

We’re excited to announce we are welcoming Charlie Campbell of Always Be Ready Apologetics Ministry as a guest speaker for both of our morning services on November 16th.

He will be sharing “Evidence for the Bible: Seven Reasons You Can Be Confident in the Scriptures”. This will be free of course, and a great opportunity to invite those you know who may struggle with accepting God is Who He says.

From his website: "Always Be Ready (ABR) is a Christian apologetics ministry dedicated to equipping people with well-researched information on issues that seek to undermine or challenge the truth of Christianity as revealed in the Bible. We believe that evidence from cosmology, astronomy, biology, archaeology, history, and so on, bears witness to the fact the Bible is a trustworthy account of how God has intervened in human history. ABR exists to glorify God by helping Christians be aware of these evidences so that they might boldly share the gospel, stand strong in the truth, and “always be ready” (1 Peter 3:15) to give a Biblically accurate, intelligent, and gracious defense of the Christian faith (Jude 3)."

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